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Nutrify C Suite Sumflex SERIES

Nutrify Today’s C Suite Sumflex offers an enhanced approach to network cultivation. We foster specialized group networks within the Nutrify C Suite Sumflex and then leverage the Nutrify C Suite Sumflex SERIES to enhance their value.

Our Sumflex Series features monthly workshops, business meetings, and focused group business deal parties, all designed to maximize the return on your time and financial investments. In 2023, since its launch in June, the Nutrify Today C Suite Sumflex Series has already conducted four workshops, including 60 business meetings, one exclusive focused group business deal party, and harnessed the power of Nutrify Genie’s AI-driven business generation.

Our business Deal

Our business deal parties have gained a reputation for their stylish and unconventional settings, hosting esteemed industry leaders. In 2022, we took to the seas on a yacht, while in 2023, we ventured to the highest bar in Mumbai overlooking the Arabian Sea. Another unconventional business deal gathering is currently in the works.

At Nutrify Today, we’re passionate about AI and its role in enriching industry connections, nurturing the nutraceutical community. We’ve moved beyond the concept of annual summits, which originated in the 17th century. Business is an everyday occurrence, and that’s why we believe in making it an everyday affair. The Sumflex Series seamlessly integrates into the daily life of your business, with a range of activities and AI-powered business deal closures.


Focussed group meetings over zoom : Objective shaping deals

Focussed Group Parties: NetWORTHING and consolidating business deals

Business Orders Generation: Powered by NutrifyGenie: The AI generates business by way of new product development and leveraging supply chain to furnish it.

Nutrify C-Suite SUMFLEX

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