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We're thrilled to announce that 32 Deals

We're thrilled to announce that 32 deals are now in the process of maturing, while others have been cordially invited to share more comprehensive details for evaluation.

It was a day well spent, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for the upcoming Nutrify C-Suite Sumflex. The power play has just commenced, and there's more to come in different formats. Stay tuned for our innovative speed deals, scheduled every month. We are wholeheartedly committed to nurturing the connections between buyers and sellers in the responsible nutraceuticals space, We are committed to Networthing of Networks!

Write to csuite@nutrifytoday.com / akansha@nutrifytoday.com to join this business marathon.

Innovation Sales Pitch - 1

Hello, Nutra Ingredients, Formulation, and CMO companies!!

How many sales pitches can you make in 8 hours?

An incredible day of relentless innovation and collaboration unfolded as we brought together the top 10 pharma and FMCG companies, all with a resolute focus on nutraceuticals. In just 8 intense hours, we witnessed an astonishing 60 pitches from ingredients and formulation companies.

The culmination of this day was the finalization of 32 pivotal business meetings, poised to propel us further along the path of brand marketing excellence. Remarkably, there were no breaks in this whirlwind of activity.

This event marked a historic milestone as it introduced the concept of a ‘Speed Deal Day,’ where brand owners dedicated a precious hour to immerse themselves in a cascade of groundbreaking pitches from ingredients, formulation, and CMO companies. The relentless pace of this event left the sellers racing from track 1 to 2 to 3 and back to track 1, with only a brief 5-second window to catch their breath.

Innovation Sales Pitch - 2

Welcome to the dawn of the Nutrify C-Suite SUMFLEX:

NetWORTHING the Networks

We are delighted to share that our Nutrify C Suite Sumflex series has significantly contributed to the success of our clients in the “Buyers” category, enabling them to connect with and access solutions from a range of “Sellers”. Today (8/12/2023), we orchestrated 85 business meetings involving 12 buyers and 10 sellers, achieving an impressive 60% success rate in lead generation.

In the upcoming three days, we are focused on converting these leads into tangible business opportunities, further enhancing the returns on investments for our sellers subscribed to the Nutrify C-Suite Sumflex 2024 Series. Moreover, we are thrilled to announce our next C-Suite Sumflex series business pitch session scheduled for February 2nd. With the support of our advanced AI engine, which is continually evolving and improving, we are confident in our ability to reach our goal of 100% lead generation optimization. Your continued support and engagement are greatly appreciated as we strive towards this milestone.

Innovation Sales Pitch - 3

Welcome to the dawn of the Nutrify C-Suite SUMFLEX

NetWORTHING the Networks

We are thrilled to announce that our Nutrify C-Suite Sumflex series has significantly propelled our clients in the “Buyers” category, facilitating seamless connections with various “Sellers.” Today (2/2/2024), we orchestrated 80 business meetings involving 12 buyers and 10 sellers, achieving an impressive lead generation success rate.

In the upcoming week, we will focus on converting these leads into tangible business opportunities, maximizing returns for our Nutrify C-Suite Sumflex 2024 Series sellers. With our evolving AI engine’s support, we’re confident in reaching a 100% lead generation optimization goal. Your ongoing support is invaluable as we strive toward this milestone. Stay tuned for our upcoming marathon sales pitch-4.


5th April 2024 (Friday)

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